Rumbling Tummies and Ticking Clocks

Lindsey Thomas May 20, 2014

An advantage of having our office in the Westfield San Francisco Centre is that we get to look out our office windows and observe real visitors and their behaviors – which helps us solve for better shopping experiences.

As the food loving San Franciscans that we are, we’ve of course observed (and indulged in) the numerous delicious eateries in the center. Whether in the mood for a leisurely lunch or quick bite to eat, San Francisco Centre has a bit of everything. However, where good food is served, lines are bound to form, and we recently took note of our visitors frustrations at meal time and got to thinking…there has to be a way to make enjoying all this great food faster and easier. And well, we’ve got the answer….

Stay tuned for a big announcement next week! We can guarantee you that your stomach and your watch will thank us!

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce six of San Francisco’s most beloved and respected Tastemakers, who will join us for our announcement next week and make an exciting (and delicious) announcement of their own!

Andi Fisher of Misadventures with Andi
Mika Takeuchi of Food Fashionista
Melissa Sanchez of Savvy in San Francisco
Tara Condell of Food and Other Things
Brenda Ton of Bites & Bourbon
Anita Chu of Desserts First