Westfield Labs’ 2nd Hackathon Recap

Cindy Chin July 19, 2016
Westfield Labs’ 2nd Hackathon Recap

On Friday July 8th, Westfield Labs held its 2nd Hackathon for the product operations, engineering and design teams to participate in. For seven hours, participants were allowed to work individually or in teams of up to four people to create anything and everything related to Westfield or Westfield Labs. Whether it was a tool that impacted day to day life at Westfield Labs or a voice enabled app that assisted customers, the possibilities were limitless. Participants were encouraged to utilize Westfield APIs, 3rd party services & APIs, open source projects, libraries and frameworks to their liking. 

Our hackathon concluded with a Drinks & Demos happy hour at the office for all the participants to show off their creations. “Instashop”, which placed first, is a user-friendly app that allows customers to purchase items available in Westfield Centres off a live Westfield Instagram-style feed. The items would then be made available for the customer to pick up, with detailed directions and a map to the store. 

Another notable winner improved the current Westfield app, allowing customers to add favorite brands and shop secret sales only available to those with a Westfield account. Lastly, one group streamlined our support portal process, by creating a more efficient way to create and submit help tickets and assign the task to appropriate people throughout the shared services teams involvement.

In less than a day’s work, teams went from research, to idea, to prototype, proving that Westfield product engineers and designers can take on large challenges and create innovative concepts for the future of retail. The hackathon was a great way for employees to express their creativity and build our engineering culture. Fostering cross-team collaboration is a huge aspect of our company philosophy and hackathons are a fun way to provide our engineers and designers an opportunity to come up with something they might not have otherwise had a chance to create. And who knows, maybe one day some of these creative ideas might even wind up in the hands of our customers.

With the huge success of the event, we are so excited to announce that Westfield Labs will now host our internal hackathons bi-monthly. Congrats to all the teams and we’re already counting down till the next one!


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