Westfield Labs Evolves into Westfield Retail Solutions

Don Kingsborough March 14, 2017

Westfield Labs Showcased the Shopping Center of the Future

We founded Westfield Labs in 2012 to build real-world experiments proving how shopping centres could deliver a better experience for shoppers. Our focus was on using technology to build on the natural advantages that come from shoppers interacting in physical places. We have put a number of services—including smart parking, wayfinding, and concierge services—into production in Westfield London and continue to innovate there as well as at other shopping centres around the globe.


Our Vision Continues to Expand

Change has accelerated over the last four and a half years. Consumer preferences have changed. Technology has changed. And our vision has grown. As we have analyzed retail trends and observed shopping behavior at our properties,we recognized that we need to focus on our retailers in addition to venues: on leveraging retail physical assets and data (which may overlap with our physical assets and data) to help retailers sell more and reduce costs.

To do so, we would have to change our own organization to address these new opportunities and threats.

Earlier this year, we reorganized into Westfield Retail Solutions to address the greater opportunity and need in the retail marketplace. Westfield Retail Solutions combines Westfield Labs with some other centres of excellence within Westfield, including data science and analytics and new business strategy. Westfield Retail Solutions is partnering with the world’s leading retail brands, online destinations and iconic venues to give consumers innovative shopping experiences. Together with these partners, we’re bringing together data and technology from retail interactions, physical environments, and online activity to deliver a completely new experience that meets the consumer wherever he or she is – in the shopping centre, on the retailer’s site, on social media, or elsewhere on the web.

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