Our Leadership

  • Don Kingsborough
    Don Kingsborough President, Westfield Retail Solutions and Board Member, Westfield Corporation
    A 9 handicap in golf
  • Mike Blandina
    Mike Blandina Executive Vice President, Product & Engineering and Chief Technology Officer
    A lifelong boater
  • Dan Dmochowski
    Dan Dmochowski Executive Vice President, Retail
    Competed as a NCAA Division 1 hurdler
  • John Fleming
    John Fleming Senior Vice President, Finance
    Once had a bullet-proof car while living abroad
  • Raghav Lal
    Raghav Lal Executive Vice President, Chief Data & Analytics Officer
    Ham radio operator
  • Antony Ritch
    Antony Ritch Executive Vice President, Venues
    Got strangled by a python in Parliament House, Sydney Australia
  • Lindsey Thomas
    Lindsey Thomas Vice President, Marketing Communication
    Married to a twin, and has twin boys